Sri Swamy Vari Prasadam

Sri Swamy Vari Prasadm

Sri Swamy Vari Prasadam is the sign of Lord Satyadeva. Sri Swamy Vari Prasadam is uqique of its kind. Pilgrims feel that Sri Swamy Vari Prasadm is the token blessings of the Lord Satyadeva.The importance of Sri Swamy Vari Prasadm is discussed in Sri Swamy Vari Vratha Katha also. Sale of Prasadm will be depended upon various factors like quality, creating pious atmosphere to attract the pilgrims, which in turn will retain the growth rate at 15 to 20% every year. Maximum interest is being evinced in procuring provisions of better quality at the lowest rates. Bhangi prasadam is useful for the devotees came from far and wide and the same can be preserved for 15 to 20 days even in open atmosphere also. The preparation of this type of prasadam will be increased keeping in view of the demand. This type prasadam available only here.

Sl. No. Sales Counter(s) Location Number of Counters Counter Timings
1. UP Hill Counter (Near Ramalayam) 2 06:00AM to 09:00PM
2. Down Hill Counter (Near Steps) 1 Round the Clock
3. Highway Road Counter(Near Model Temple) 1 Round the Clock

Prasadam (150gms) - Rs.20/-

Bangi Prasadam (Solid) 100gms - Rs.15/-

The collective efforts are being taken to ensure the quality and quantity of Prasadam and all most care is being taken so as to enable the pilgrims to get the prasadam easily. Supply of prasadam to the demand of devotees is ensured and maintained. No case of lack of supply has ever happened.