Sun Dial (Phalabha Yantram)

As the name implies on Annavaram Hill we can see the majesty of the east raja gopuram clocked hours and minutes on a marble block. A panel was set up to cast a shadow over them following the movement of the sun. We can modify our watches depending on that shadow indication. It is also known as the "SUN DIAL" or the "shadow clock".

It was calculated and rebuilt by Raja Sri Inuganti Vekata Rajagopala Rama Suryaprakash Rayani Bahudur in July 1943 by Daivajna Sauravabhauma, Jyotisha Charya, Brahma Sri Pidaparthi (Poorna) Krishnamurti Shastri (Rajahmundry). Raja Sri Inuganti Venkata Rajagopala Satya Krishna Rao Bahadur built it on milk stone. It is said to be the alokaramani of the south as there is no temple in it.