Charitable Activities

Sri Veera Venkata Satyanaraya Swamy Vari Devasthanam doing the following charitable activities.


  • Oriental High School : School from 6th to 10th class with around 380 students
  • Sri Satya Deva Junior College: Junior College running having 4 groups MPC, BiPC,CEC, HEC with around 550 students
  • Sri Satya Deva Degree College: Degree College running having 3 groups B.Sc,B.Com, B.A, with around 620 students
  • Smartha Agama Patashala: Teachs Agama Courses to yound male children


  • Satya Deva Free Dispancery: Free Dispancery with free distribution of medicines.
  • Sahaja Yoga Nature Cure Hospital: 40 beded yoga based naturopathy hospital with facilities for massage, spinal bath, mud bath and Gym